October 8, 2019

Peanut Patch is a brand of boiled and canned green peanuts from McCall Farm in Effingham, South Carolina. Teal Nation Communication, a student led agency at CCU, has partnered with Peanut Patch to make these delicious boiled peanuts a staple snack for the crowds at home football games. This is the most advantageous promotion that the university’s collective of stu...

September 19, 2019

Internships in college seem to be in high demand once students hit their junior and senior year. Your internship will depend on your major, but if you are a marketing or business major here at Coastal, interning at Walmart will give you the experience you may not have thought you needed!  

Take it from junior Ariana Monroe who had an internship at Wa...

August 29, 2019

Every Chant loves Coastal Carolina University’s wide range of programs and services, but there is one recurring problem that has become a costly inconvenience for students. Parking!  

Numerous parking citations were issued during the first week of the Fall 2019 semester and have aggravated the drivers in CCU’s overflowing lots. The unfortunate few we...

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