“And let the party begin!” 

Those were the words said by ESPN’s Roy Philpott as the clock hit zero and CCU players and fans in the HTC Center stormed the court to celebrate the team’s first Big South Championship since 1993. 

Prior to the Chanticleers’ championship win in 2014, Coastal had only been in three Big South Championship games since the 1993 Big South Tour...

Over seven million people watched the three games of the 2019 NCAA Women’s Final Four with over three-and-a-half million people watching Baylor win its third national championship by beating defending champions Notre Dame 82-81. 

The past three Final Fours in the women’s game have been thrilling from start to finish. In 2017, Mississippi State stunned an unbeaten U...

The jokes and comments about millennials and future generations are no secret. The ‘participation trophy’ jokes and comments such as ‘everybody’s a winner’ have become a talking point on social media.  

The alleged ‘softness’ that is linked with young generations became a key talking point during this past NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. Michigan State coach Tom...

There is a new organization on campus that has high expectations after getting approval in late March. The Cannabis Business Organization (CBO) is a new organization on campus that gives students an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the growing industry of cannabis products such as CBD and hemp. 

Anton Ferraro is a senior entrepreneurial manag...

Over 70 percent of the world is covered in water and almost 97 percent of that water comes from the oceans. The ocean plays a vital role in all aspects of life and is a quintessential part of the Coastal Carolina community. Whether it’s students going to the beach to get away from classes and studying or students going out and collecting research, the oceans are c...

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