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  • Morgen Cvetko

Saving lives one pint at a time

The American Red Cross has been saving lives with their blood drives for over 50 years. Every two seconds, someone, somewhere in the United States needs blood. Therefore, it remains in constant demand.

Just in South Carolina alone, there are 54 hospitals that receive pints of blood from blood drives like the American Red Cross.

Meg Heath, who has been working for the Red Cross Blood drive for almost 13 years, described the process of what happens after a blood drive in South Carolina ends.

“In South Carolina...we aim to collect 509 units a day just to provide them with an adequate supply," said Heath. "The blood collected goes to hospitals and is used in a variety of ways, such as blood transfusions or to help someone who has lost too much blood due to an injury."

According to Heath, the blood drive Coastal hosted in August collected around 100 pints.

Some people choose not to donate because of fear of needles or fear it will hurt but, according to Morissa Robinson, a second-year student at Coastal, the slight bit of pain is worth it because it could potentially save someone’s life.

The next blood drive that will be held at Coastal will be on Sept. 10.

Those who wish to donate should sign-up early because there will only be one blood truck and spots will be limited.

If a person donated blood at the August blood drive, they will not be allowed to donate until November.

The Sun News

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