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  • Coby De Lucia

The man behind C-I-N-O

When students hear the phrase CINO (Coastal Is Number One), many do not know where it came from or when it was originated.

CINO originated in 1969 when Coastal first disassociated from the University of South Carolina.

Larry Biddle, assistant director of Coastal Carolina College in Conway from 1966 to 1974, was responsible for the phrase’s first appearance in Coastal’s history in the 1969 Coastal Carolina University yearbook.

This yearbook was also the first issue to be exclusively CCU. The yearbook had a double page spread with big black and red “CINO” letters across the pages. When I asked Dr. Biddle,

Biddle said CINO was actually created to be the name of CCU's mascot.

“Linda Taylor, the head cheerleader at the time, came into my office in what was the old student union and says she has a great name for the school’s mascot: CINO.”

Biddle then explained how CINO, back when it was first originated, was a name for the team’s mascot. Without a pause for silence, Biddle expressed who was behind the first mascot costume.

“Anne Blizzard, an old student of CCU, came up with the costume design herself,” Biddle said.

Blizzard also came up with the yearbook concept herself, as well.

Bailey Foard, a student of the Musical Theatre Department, said she thought CINO was just a way to show school spirit.

“Every school has a chant or motto of some sort," Foard said before laughing and yelling, "Go CINO!"

Biddle was appointed by the South Carolina legislature to serve two terms on the Board of Trustees at Coastal Carolina University. He also served as acting president of Coastal while he was 25 and earned his honorary Doctorate degree from CCU in 2007.

The greater history of the term CINO is that it was thought of by the head cheerleader in 1969 as the school’s mascot, and it first appeared in history in the CCU exclusive yearbook of 1969.

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