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Hurricane Irma: Getting your hurricane kit ready

Coastal Carolina University’s Communication team sent out an email Tuesday morning reminding students, faculty and staff to stay weather aware in the coming days.

Hurricane Irma strengthened to a Category 5 hurricane with sustained winds at 175 miles per hour. While meteorologists do not know the exact path Irma will take, the east coast, including South Carolina could be impacted by the storm.

ABC 15 News’ Chief Meteorologist Ed Piotrowski has more information on Hurricane Irma here.

Now is the time to make sure you have your hurricane kit ready.

Kits should include the following:

Water: Store at least three gallons of water per person.

Cash: ATM and banks could shut down and power outages render cards useless.

Documents: Store documents, such as passports and social security cards in a waterproof, easy-to-carry container.

Medications: Keep a one-week supply of prescription medications plus any over-the-counter items like pain relievers and antacids.

Food: Have a three-day supply of canned food and dry mixes—nothing that needs to be refrigerated or heated-up. Don’t forget about your pets!

Sanitation: Consider moist towelettes, toilet paper and garbage bags. Also grab some paper/plastic plates and utensils.

Additional Items: Flashlights with spare batteries, blankets, first-aid kit, NOAA weather radios, and a way to charge your phone or device.

It’s also important to fill up your car, store extra gasoline for generators and make sure your tires are good.

To learn more about what procedures and policies are in at CCU, click here.

Information provided by USA Today.

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