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  • Alisha Petrizzo

Coffee bar opening near CCU

On Oct. 2, University Commons will be welcoming a new tenant, C3 Coffee Bar. This shop is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help raise money for missions in our local community and worldwide.

With a location already at 1701 Church Street in Conway, they are expanding their doors to the Coastal Carolina community. Coastal Carolina students will be given a 20 percent discount with their student identification card every day.

This coffee bar takes pride in their statement of, "Coffee, Conversation and Community," according to Matt Mitchell, general manager of C3 Coffee Bar.

"We love people and our goal here is to be able to create a genuine and authentic community on a daily basis," said Mitchell.

By using as many locally grown produce as they can, C3 helps the community by providing them business and giving back with the profits they make from their coffee sales. With their fresh, daily-made pastries and beginning to be able to roast their coffee in house, this shop, according to the stay, is on its way to becoming an organic option for the local community of Conway.

"Our motto here is: Drink Coffee, Do Something," said Mitchell and it is plastered all over their walls.

This is helped by their association with The Rock Church, also located in Conway. This collaboration allows for these volunteers to do something as simple as give money to people in need.

C3 Coffee Bar has an open arm policy and welcomes every new face regardless of their religious affiliations. This is exactly what it felt like when Emily Daurity, a freshman at CCU, joined them one day.

"There was a different vibe in their store," said Daurity. "I did not care how long it would take for my coffee to be made because I felt like I was being taking care of on a personal level rather than a corporate one."

Upon entrance through the double doors, some customers said they immediately get a sense of belonging and comfortability from this shop. With a smile for a greeting and a genuine barista, C3 wants people to feel more than just a customer.

Not only do they sell coffee, merchandise and treats, but they also provide an open mic night whenever their schedule allows for it. Students can show off their talents in a respectable and loving environment.

Join C3 Coffee Bar on Oct. 2, and receive 50 percent off all week for all CCU and HGTC students.

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