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  • Katelin Gandee

Gallery: Chi Omega joins CCU

Over 200 girls found their sorority homes on Sept. 4, with 115 finding themselves in the newest colony of Chi Omega.

Chi Omega, also known as Chi O, did not let the evacuation from Tropical Storm Irma put a damper on their colonization.

Pushing through, they did FaceTime interviews in order to find girls on CCU’s campus that would create the colony. They looked for girls who would represent Chi Omega well and support their values.

When everyone returned to campus, Chi O had their final rounds of recruitment and on Sept. 14, celebrated their bid day with the Panhellenic community.

Many women on CCU’s campus, including those already in sorority life, are excited to welcome Chi Omega to the community and believe that they will have a great impact on the campus.

CCU’s Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Brittany Bowels said that the reason the Chi Omega colonization was needed was because the current chapters on campus were getting very large.

The colonization meant they would retain the same numbers that they have in previous years.

While Chi Omega is the most recent colony on campus, there have been quite a few in the past few years. Bowels said she has had a new organization almost every semester since starting at CCU.

Last year Kappa Alpha Order as well as Alpha Kappa Alpha colonized on campus.

Also joining the community this semester will be Zeta Phi Beta.

Bowels will not be alone in helping run the 20 chapters CCU has. Members of Greek Life were charged $20 in order to help fund an additional director. Bowels said this would allow chapters an easy way to contact either one of the directors.

Another sorority and fraternity could be coming to campus in the next three years, according to Bowels.

Bowels said the newest addition excited to welcome Chi Omega to the community.

“They’re so excited to be here and they want to be here and I think them adding a new level of excitement to the community,” Bowels said.

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