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  • Barijana Caldas

Gallary: Coastal Color Rec Run takes over

Saturday, Sept. 16, students from all over Coastal’s campus gathered behind the Coastal Science Center at 9:30 a.m. to participate in this year’s Color Rec Run.

This event is part of the free first 54 events, and although students are the ones targeted in advertisement, faculty and staff are more than welcome to come.

The group of about 30 students ran a 2.5-mile course while getting color thrown at them by volunteers of the Coastal Rec Center. It was a morning filled with lots of fun and lots of color.

This year the event began at 10 a.m. and lasted for about an hour. Runners began at the Coastal Science Center and ended at fields behind the center. Student and faculty were required to register on race day and sign a waiver.

After signing-in, everyone who participated got a free white t-shirt to run in. Along the course, volunteers stood with gloves and color preparing for when the runners came by. This year the group saved a lot of color for the finish line to end the race in an explosion.

This year, the turnout was a little less than expected. According to the Associate Director of Student Recreation Tara Josey. Last year, there around 130 runners compared to this year’s 30.

“I feel that the hurricane may have thrown people of their schedules this year and that’s why we don’t have as many as last year.” Josey said. “We have lots of color.”

With these promising words, the race began and the runners were off. Everyone seemed excited and glad to be taking part of this event.

When asked about why students participated in the color run, there were varied, but all equally pleasant responses.

Freshman Noelani Coleman, stated, “I’ve always wanted to do a color run, so when I heard that Coastal was hosting one I had to go.”

Coleman was accompanied by freshman Matt Rodriguez who said it was on his bucket list to participate in a color.

Although there were not many who came this year, the Rec Center still considers this year’s color run a success.

The whole point of this was to have a way for students to have fun and not have to pay for it Josey said.

“It was an idea that we had about 4 years ago," said Josey. "We wanted it to be low-key and keep it super simple. We didn’t want a lot of expenses, but we still wanted the ability to let the students have fun.”

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