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  • Katelin Gandee

#CCUFoodCrew turns food truck

Taco pizza, stir-fry, tacos, egg drop soup and sopapillas filled the plates of those who ventured into Hick’s Dining Hall on Sept. 6.

The first #CCUFoodCrew event had students filling their tables with a wide array of food ranging from Korean beef tacos to strawberry peach sapodillas. Every station had some kind of food truck inspiration to it.

With Home Zone having General Tso’s stir-fry pork and Korean BBQ stir fry tofu, the Deli having a roasted Thai chicken wrap and the Salad Bar having egg drop soup, there was not any type of shortage on the food.

The amount of people inside Hick's made it seem like "Friday Chicken Friday" rather than just a normal Wednesday.

Nellie Forker, a senior at CCU, tried almost everything that was offered for the day.

“It’s good, but I don’t feel like it’s authentic in my opinion,” Forker said.

Other students enjoyed it, but some did not like how it was served, like PJ Hartleb.

“My favorite was the taco pizza and the Korean tacos," said Hartleb. "I hated that they didn’t give us a plate and gave it to us in the paper. I almost dropped it."

This event is the first of many events that the #CCUFoodCrew will put on throughout the semester.

"For the Record," a music-themed dinner, is on Sept. 20 and "Mac and Cheese Mania" on Sept. 27.

In past years, the crew has created Disney-themed dinners and samples of food from all across the globe.

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