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  • Yaicha Ocampo

"Just Doozy"

Kyle Borawski, an interdisciplinary studies major, started his own apparel business his sophomore year at CCU called Doozy, which has recently transformed into a primarily media-based company.

Borawski discovered his skill for marketing while learning graphic design. Graphics are a necessity in advertising because the need to attract an audience, but it is also more than that.

He said he tries to make designs that will resonate with people.

"I realized that, these days, you can truly make beautiful designs and videos that impact people through a few simple app,” said Borawski.

He also managed and implemented the ACE University Bookstore free textbook giveaway that The Chanticleer first reported on in our first issue.

Their collaboration was incidental; while Borawski was buying supplies, he began speaking to a manager about his marketing business. That conversation then led him to Rusty Elvington, the store owner.

Since Borawski has a passion for video and film, and Instagram and Facebook are the best social media to utilize, according to Borawski.

Both platforms are user-friendly and can easily be manipulated to express the user’s creativity. Borawski considers Instagram to be a “21st-century art canvas.” An example of one of his marketing inspirations for Instagram is A$AP Rocky.

Borawski wants his audience to experience marketing in a new way.

“I want people to scroll down Instagram feeds like they are scrolling down a new form of digital era art,” said Borawski.

The biggest hardship Borawski has encountered with his business is balancing being a student and business owner, but encourages others to follow their dreams.

“I would tell them to just doozy. I mean do it,” said Borawski. “If you believe what you're doing is beautiful and impactful, then do whatever you want with it and in life. And, also, do it for a purpose. If you're simply trying to make money, then you won't last.”

Borawski’s goal for Doozy is to expand their partnership to other businesses, athletes and artists. He also wants to give back as much as possible and be “a company where creativity brings people together to achieve dreams and great relationships.”

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