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  • Morgen Cvetko

Replenishing Grand Strand beaches one scoop at a time

Hurricane season is a time that some of the people who live on the coast of South Carolina keep in the back of their mind constantly, but now it is getting harder to ignore on area beaches.

Over the past two years, South Carolina has felt the effects from the historic flooding in 2015, Tropical Storm Hermine, Hurricane Matthew and now Tropical Storm Irma.

Last year, in early October, the South Carolina coast took a beating from Hurricane Matthew, and many beaches along the coast were destroyed due to the high storm surge.

The sand dunes located along the Grand Strand were left devastated.

Now a year later, the efforts to replenish the beaches are in full swing.

Many of the affected areas have been restored, and the areas that have not are well on their way.

Right now, crews are working to bring sand off shore to the beaches, also known as dredging.

The sand is brought up to shore through a pipeline, then scooped up and placed strategically along the dunes.

When the sand is first dredged, it appears to be significantly darker than the sand around it. After a few days, it loses the darkness and matches the surrounding sand.

While it is not known when the restoration project will be complete, the crews are working hard to make it sooner than later.

With the recent impact of Tropical Storm Irma, crews were delayed for a few days, but have since returned to the project.

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