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  • Genelle Thompson

Showcase: Scott Mann’s Form and Press, the Beauty of Letters

Coastal’s Bryan Gallery opened their first exhibit of the semester on Thursday, Sept. 14.

Associate Professor Scott Mann’s Form and Press, the Beauty of Letters, is a clean-cut and straight forward showcase.

The works of art in the exhibit were created on a printing press machine using blocks and a variety of color inks to create pictures, posters, signs and more.

Some of the blocks used were premade from old store marketing signs, and others were made from Mann's curiosity about the newly recognized artistic form of press.

Unlike most works brought to the Bryan Gallery, this exhibit is meant more for educational purposes.

“Press can now be considered an artistic from due to new media and technology...,” said Mann.

Through this exhibit, viewers were able to take home a little lesson from the past.

Posters, such as those in the exhibit, show how advertising happened between the early 1900’s to the mid-1900’s.

“I’ve taken one of [Mann's] classes and I love his work,” said Christian Wilson, a student.

On the opening day, visitors were able to try out the process with the help of a senior graphic design student.

Brooks Leibee said he loved this interactivity portion of the showcase. He talked about how being able to participate and seeing how it is made helped to develop a connection with endless possibilities of what could be created.

The Bryan Gallery is located in Thomas W. and Robin Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts, room 129. The gallery is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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