• Adrienne Grant

“Doors of Doom:" Presentation on mental health and other issues

Becoming an annual fall tradition for Counseling Services, “The Doors of Doom," opened once again for this two-day event on Sept. 20 and 21.

Counseling Services transformed their office into a haunted house experience for student, hence the “Doors of Doom."

Students have opportunity to experience the unconventional, presentation of mental health, and other issues that affect college students.

This year, Counseling Services wanted the theme to be something college students could relate to so they decided on the hit Netflix original series "Stranger Things."

Chris Donovan-Haynes, the assistant director of Wellness Outreach for Counseling Services, is also the mastermind behind “The Doors of Dooms.”

Donovan-Haynes said she would like for students to really sieze the information they have to offer.

“I would like for students to take hold of the information they obtain here," said Donovan-Haynes. "...take back the information with them that they have learned, and apply it to their lives.”

Students were able to see each room in the haunted house that dealt with a particular issue, such as anxiety or dropout prevention. Each issue was acted out by students or faculty members.

The rooms were also decorated in correlation with the what the mental health or other issues could feel like in reality.

For example, the room for depression had an underwater theme to symbolize how depression can sometimes feel like one is drowning.

The haunted house even had a game show where students could participate and learn more information on sexual health.

One of the students who attended Doors of Doom, Ke’Von Young-Reaves, a junior majoring in information technology stated, "'Doors of Doom' opened my eyes to what students in college truly go through," said Young-Reaves. "Counseling services gave me the opportunity to gain more knowledge on these difficult subjects. These were issues I did not know about prior to attending."

Young-Reaves recommended all student and faculty to attend "Doors of Doom" next year so they can gain more knowledge on invisible illnesses.

The next event hosted by Counseling Services is the "Take Back the Night March and Rally Against Sexual Violence."

This event will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 3 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.