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  • Corryn Patterson

DC comic writer enters the dark net

On Thursday, Sept. 21, CCU invited DC comic author and book writer, Benjamin Percy, to be the first writer in “The Words to Say It Visiting Writers Series.”

Percy, who writes the “Green Arrow” and “Teen Titans” series for DC Comics, “James Bond” for Dynamite Entertainment, and various works of his own literature, gave a reading from his new book called “The Dark Net,” answered crowd questions and held a book signing after the event.

Percy, who considered himself to be “technophobic,” became intrigued by what is known as the “dark net” or “dark web.”

This secretive part of the internet is a restricted-access computer network used mainly for illegal file sharing, but also for more dangerous activities such as drug deals, weapon sales and hired hits.

After trying the latest technology that tech giants like Google have to offer and looking over the shoulders of those involved in the dark web, Percy—now “tech-centric”—wrote his book.

A synopsis of the book explained how one character, Hannah, has been blind for years due to disease. At the age of 12, she is asked to be a test experiment for science’s latest advance in the ophthalmological field—the Mirage.

Bypassing her blindness, the device allows Hannah to see again, but she soon finds that she can see more eerier things than a regular person can.

Lela, a technophobic journalist with a story that people want to stay hidden; Mike, a one-time child evangelist with his own figurative and literal demons and an arsenal of weapons in the basement of his homeless shelter; and Derek, a hacker and self-proclaimed soldier of the Internet come together in this techno-thriller about the evil that lurks in real and virtual spaces.

After receiving questions, Percy gave two helpful pieces of advice for aspiring authors: First, get used to hearing “no,” and use it as motivation.

Second, write every end to your chapters as if they are advertisements for what is coming next—like the build-up frames leading to the action-packed splash page in a comic.

“The Dark Net” and other works by Benjamin Percy are available now.

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