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  • Katelin Gandee

Gallery: CCU's track goes teal

In the next four to six weeks, CCU will be gaining yet another teal addition.

The new teal track is currently being laid down at the track and field facility. Connor Sports, the company hired to remodel the track, had some setbacks due to weather, which caused a delay in work.

The track has been in the works for a few years and is now finally getting its upgrade as the old track had run its lifespan.

According to Sandy Fowler, director of track and field, the track will help the team with many different aspects.

The new track will make it easier on the athletes' hips and legs as they run due to the bounce and softness of the material, according to Fowler. It will also help their times to break their personal best as the track will be easier to run on.

Matt Hogue, CCU’s director of athletics, said the teal track will add to the identity of the University. Hogue said they try to incorporate teal into most of the things they do, hence the teal football field and now the track.

“The whole aspect of what we do with our color, it's more than just a color. It’s something that’s the fabric and mentality of our whole campus,” Hogue said. “It’s who we are.”

Fowler also said CCU will be hosting their own track meets because of the new track.

“A North Carolina versus South Carolina battle with schools from both states, or even maybe a Big South versus Sun Belt, are some of the really quick ideas that we’ve spoken to other schools about,” Fowler stated.

The track team will not be the only ones able to use the course. The remodeled track will still be available for students to use.

Fowler talked about how she is excited for the freshman members of the team, as they will be the first class who gets to call the teal track their track and hopes they have lots of pride for it.

“It’s our identity, and I’ve talked to the team a lot about ownership and really owning what is yours and which this track is now going to be theirs,” said Fowler.

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