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  • Alisha Petrizzo

Get stuck on CCU

Coastal Carolina University has come up with another way for students to show their school pride. On Sept. 20, new stickers focusing on the mascot, Chauncey, were released to the public.

By partnering with Ree!, or Really Expressive Emojis, CCU has made a new and innovative form for students, faculty and staff to get more involved in their school.

Those at CCU can now choose to communicate their support through the digital sphere via their messages, photos and social media.

Ree! is responsible for bringing animation to multiple mascots across the country, and Coastal is proud to be another one of those mascots. The stickers, also known as emojis, are available through the Ree! app and can be downloaded from the app store for Apple and Android users.

Lindsi Glass, senior director of marketing for CCU, said that this app will take the idea of emojis and bring it to the next level.

"What is really cool about Ree! is that their designers are with Pixar and Disney and for us, we wanted to work with the best for this idea," said Glass

To have the opportunity to be able to work hands-on with the creators for the designs is one of the many appeals this company has, according to Glass.

"We thought the designs they came up with were fantastic," said Glass. "The stickers that are now available through the app are all third versions of the original designs because Coastal gets to decide what will work for our school's brand."

John Hart, CEO of MyWeb and developer of Ree!, is ecstatic about the new partnership with CCU.

“It is an honor to work closely with CCU and the marketing team there," said Hart. "We are proud to be trusted with their brand and bringing them a new mode for school spirit."

There were eight newly released stickers that display the Chanticleer mascot in football gear, ready to take on any opponents that walk across the fields.

The idea is that for each new sports season, there will be new stickers depending on the response from Coastal's community.

The football stickers are already out with a free download of the app. To access all of the stickers, there is a one-time fee of $1.99.

For more information on how to download the app can be found here.

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