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  • Alisha Petrizzo

Personal trainers needed at CCU gym

Coastal Carolina University offers the service of personal trainers to all that attend the campus. Most students are unaware of what it takes to be a personal trainer and how you can become one.

The HTC Center's gym offers a workshop for students to become certified as personal trainers, but due to a lack of students registering this year, the workshop was canceled, according to Tara Josey, the assistant director of Campus Recreation.

This lack of participation is concerning for Coastal because it means that fewer students are interested in becoming trainers, a vital part for most gyms.

Some of the personal trainers already working at Coastal's gym decided to speak up about their experiences as a trainer and why others should strive to be one too.

Annie Bothma, a junior at CCU, is a personal trainer available to be hired. Bothma said she has always had a passion for fitness and she wants to share this passion with her clients.

"I love to see someone be able to do something that they weren't able to do before," said Bothma. "For example, when someone started out unfit, barely even able to walk without being out of breath, and then they progress to being able to run comfortably, it's amazing to see."

Bothma said helping people become their better selves is something worth trying.

"If you love it, then all the hard work you put in will be worth it," said Bothma. "It's such a rewarding profession, especially if you love working with people and are passionate about fitness."

Another personal trainer, Madison Nowlin, a senior at CCU, had her own perspectives on this job too.

Nowlin explained how being a personal trainer has affected her by improving her interpersonal skills and coaching abilities.

"If you are thinking of hiring a personal trainer, don't be afraid to shop around a little," said Nowlin. "Find a trainer you like as a person, so you will enjoy your time together."

At the front desk of the gym, the employees there are more than willing to show students who the trainers are and how to contact them.

There are rates per session and per hour, but these can be discussed between the trainer and the trainee.

Students can also find information on Coastal's website.

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