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  • OTia Prioleau

iPhone 8 or iPhone X: Which is better?

Apple has added two new editions of iPhone to their lineup: iPhone 8 and iPhone X, or iPhone 10.

But which iPhone do students plan on buying, if either?

Nicole Corwin, a senior, said she has always been an Apple lover and is still on the fence about which iPhone she would potentially buy.

“The iPhone 8 has better pixels, a bigger screen, glass on both sides, so it will be more water resistant. The whole nine yards,” said Corwin. “As far as the iPhone X, it’s the same thing, but just without the button.”

Corwin added that you can unlock the iPhone X just by looking at it.

Myles Gordon, an avid Android user, compared the two, and said he could switch teams on one condition.

“Specs-wise, they are supposed to be similar, but the iPhone X has a lot of different features,” said Gordon. “If cost wasn’t a factor I would get the iPhone X, but, if cost was a factor, then I probably wouldn’t get [either].”

Cecilia Huerta, a junior, who has had an iPhone since iPhone 4 said she would choose Apple time and time again, but for this one she may wait a while, which is understandable.

“[I] always would recommend an iPhone to somebody,” said Huerta. “…it makes life so much easier, but maybe not the latest one because they’re always stupid expensive when they first come out.”

Huerta had a good point on why she believes a lot of people will be dishing out all that money for the new iPhone.

“I think the only reason why people are getting them is for the camera, and because of all that high-tech security stuff it’s going to come with,” said Huerta. “It’s going to come with a panel where you can charge it wirelessly—all that stuff isn’t important to me.”

Corwin decided to side with the iPhone 8 as her first choice when upgrading or helping someone else decide which to buy.

“I would definitely recommend the 8,” said Corwin. “iPhones have been iconic since they came out, essentially with that button. Now that they are getting rid of that button, in my eyes, I don’t see it as an iPhone anymore. I see it as another smart phone, so I would definitely recommend the 8.”

Corwin added that, like most college students, she does not have the money to spend on the newest iPhone each time Apple releases one.

The iPhone 8 will put you back about $700. As for the iPhone X, expect to give away nearly $1,000.

The iPhone X is definitely worth the money for everything it comes with. Besides the facial recognition ID, the phone allows the user to create augmented reality videos in real-time.

This is a luxury that is now being offered to normal people, which is incredible.

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