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  • Nicole Rabbitt

Wall Fellows students launch fish oil company

People familiar with taking fish oil supplements who may be sick of the gross aftertaste could find Coastal students Sean Edwards and Ross Kunmann’s new project interesting.

Recently, the Icelandic fish oil company, Lysi U.S., launched in Horry County, giving the Wall Fellows students an 11 percent market share of global fish oil production. The oil aids in the health of the cardiovascular, brain, nervous, joints and immune systems.

As juniors, the two got started through the Wall College of Business International Consulting Program. With the help of this program, their project transformed into a business plan and presentation that was presented in front of the department heads and board of Lysi.

The company is the lead producer of cod liver oil and has had significant presence in over 70 countries. They are now beginning to explore in the U.S.

“Lysi is the global market leader in the Omega-3 industry and it is our goal to make the same strides across the United States,” said Ross Kunmann, chief financial officer of Lysi.

Both students have made a tough accomplishment while still attending their senior year at CCU.

They have been able to use the company to their advantage by gaining real life experience while still attending classes.

“The network of mentors that comes with being in school also provides a great deal of experience to our operations,” Kunmann said.

Both students are driven to work hard to pursue their entrepreneur careers. Just like many college students, some of their motivators can be put simply: “A lot pf persistence, late nights and coffee,” said Edwards.

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