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  • Jason Renne

OPINION: Religion: Speaker gives talk on controversial topic

Christian Miller, a professor at Wake Forest University, came to CCU this past Thursday to give a talk on the topic, “Are we better off without religion? The Harms (and Benefits) of Religious Beliefs.”

The talk was hosted by the Jackson Center, who heavily encouraged students and the community to come. It definitely paid off.

According to Nicholas Smith, a student attending the talk, “the attendance was great, the most I’ve seen in a while.”

What may have made this talk so intriguing was how controversial the topic was.

Carlie, another student who attended the talk, said “I thought that it was a good topic/discussion that most would avoid having.”

Given that religion is something that many people hold close to their everyday lives, it comes as no shock that some people in the crowd became uncomfortable and potentially angry at the subject.

The audience was very diverse. Students from many different majors were there, along with members of the community that were interested in hearing more about the subject.

Although the subject of the talk had controversial components, people took it as an opportunity to explore their own understanding of religion and what it may mean to them.

Having a diverse crowd sparks interesting questions, since everyone is coming from a different background and religious belief.

At the end of the day, philosophy talks are supposed to be thought provoking, intriguing and entertaining. This talk was all three.

Christian Miller presented his points in an intelligent way, and supported them will direct quotes and statistics from well-known sources.

The audience provided interesting questions that were well composed and thoughtful.

When everyone left the room, their religious beliefs may not have changed, but they are more aware and educated on the subject, and that is always a good thing.

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