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  • Kaley Lawrimore

Conway Rocks with positivity

Barbara Willis-Bartley, who lives in Conway, South Carolina, started a positive movement for the community.

What started as just a small game between a few people has now stretched to the entire town.

Starting the first week of July, “Conway Rocks” is still going strong.

The game is simple. People paint rocks in all different designs and write “Conway Rocks” on the back. They then take those rocks and hide it around Conway for others to find. Once found, the discoverer is to re-hide the rocks for someone else to find.

“It's great to see so many involved with spreading a little love and kindness,” said Willis-Bartley. “You just never know how a rock you painted, or one you found and hid in a new spot, is going to touch someone's life.”

She said it’s more than just a game for some people.

“I think it's wonderful that someone paints a rock and sends it out into the world, and somehow that particular rock finds a way into the hands of the person who needs it most,” said Willis-Bartley.

She got the idea from a similar rock group in her hometown of North Carolina. She said it was just the thing the community needed.

“I realized that this could be a positive thing for our community,” said Willis-Bartley. “Anyone of any age can be involved with any part of it: painting, hiding or just finding a rock can bring a little happiness.”

The main reason she brought the game here was to spread little random acts of kindness.

Conway Rocks isn’t just limited to Conway, though.

“I think it was the right decision to focus first on our community, and our rocks have traveled to most surrounding areas and many different states,” said Willis-Bartley. “Also, many rocks from other groups across the country have made their way here.”

Willis-Bartley is surprised on how quickly the game took off, and she loves seeing all the community involvement.

“Honestly, I really didn't expect it to grow that fast, but I am glad to see everyone just enjoying it and sharing their happiness with others,” said Willis-Bartley. “I think it gives people a chance to do something as a family that they can all enjoy and it costs nothing.”                                                                       

Those interested in learning more about Conway Rocks, click here.

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