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  • Tyler Gross

Pop into this thrift shop

Sustain Coastal Carolina University has been hosting the Pop-Up Thrift Shop every first Wednesday of the month since 2015.

All of the items sold by Sustain CCU are donated by the members of the faculty and staff or from students. Some items come from the end-of-the-year campus salvage. The clothing donated are then sold at the store.

The mission behind the Pop-Up Thrift Shop is to teach students the importance of reusing, according to Jeremy Monday, a sustainability coordinator.

“[We] want to teach students the importance of reusing," said Monday. "Often people think of the three R’s and only think of recycle; they fail to remember the reuse part."

Monday encourages students and staff to help with the project by making donations. To make a donation, students and staff can bring items to the store on the first Wednesday of each month or email Monday at to set up a time to drop off items.

This was freshman Layla Elfiky’s first time at the store, and she had only good things to say about it.

“My favorite part was that everything was really cool and cheap," said Elfiky. "They actually had stuff I would wear. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.”

Elfiky heard about the store through Roots and Shoots, a club at CCU, and enjoyed how the thrift shop is a new experience she can have on CCU’s campus.

One of First Sustains Eco-Representatives, Lina Nelson, recommends that students have cash on them because all purchases are cash only.

If students do not have cash on them, there are two ATMs located in the Lib Jackson Student Union.

Monday encourages students to come check out the store and to see how secondhand clothing stores can be a great way to change up your wardrobe.

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