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  • OTia Prioleau

The Great Dubois: Michael Dubois & Victoria Grimmy

What word does everyone love to hear? The answer is “free,” and that’s exactly how much the Solo Circus was. It was enjoyable for all ages.

Michael Dubois and Viktoria Grimmy, also known as The Great Dubois, were the performers on Oct. 6.

With everything from juggling to unicycle tricks and balancing plates, it was definitely an exciting night. Grimmy ended the show with a ribbon performance that was truly beautiful to see. The students and families were also having fun.

Grimmy and Dubois said performing has always resonated with them, so it was only right for them to take it up as well.

“[She’s a] fifth generation circus performer, so [her] father and mother have a lot of passion for what they do and a lot of that was inspired and continued on in [their] performance as well,” said Dubois. “I just loved circuses as a kid. I saw Ringling Brothers when I was five – had it in me somewhere that I would get to be a circus performer one day.”

Dubois was also part of a juggling club in school, so he used that and made it into a career.

Dubois had some advice for Coastal students who were still trying to find their path.

“Take advantage of college and join clubs and do something besides your major,” Dubois said. “I have a degree in business, but clubs and all the things that the university had to offer were actually much more fruitful to my career than my actual degree.”

At the end of the show, Dubois and Grimmy stayed after to sign autographs and take pictures.

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