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  • Jason Renne

It’s Real; coping with depression

On Oct. 12, CCU held a mental health screening event in the Lib Jackson Student Union theatre.

The video titled, “It’s Real,” was shown and starred a former CCU student, Bailynne Miller. Her story with depression, along with other college students across America, were shown throughout the film.

Four years ago, Coastal held the first ever Out of the Darkness walk on campus, which raised $3,000. Last year, that number reached $10,000.

This walk was an extension of the ASFP Myrtle Beach Community Walk held in 2009.

Depression is a topic that should not be avoided, and the growing support for this cause leads us to believe that people are coming forth and expressing their support and understanding, according to Bailynne Miller.

She said that anyone can suffer from depression, and this is why “It’s Real” had such an impact, because it offers perspective from many different kinds of students.

Miller said people should take away the reality of depression from the event.

“This video creates conversation by using real people to spread awareness," said Miller.

Although the topic of depression can be sensitive and uncomfortable for some people, a conversation about depression is necessary, Miller said.

When a community comes together to show its support, they are creating a community of acceptance, which is important for people suffering from depression.

Miller had only spoken publicly about her fight with depression twice, the second time being in the video.

The first time was with her twin sister, Kelsie, during an Out of the Darkness walk.

While Miller second-guessed herself initially after talking about depression, she is happy she did.

“The video was my second time openly talking about it in public,” said Miller. “Even now I think, did I say enough? Did I say too much? Overall I am happy that I was a part of the video.”

Miller made it clear that CCU does a great job at showing support, and making sure that each student knows where to go if they need help.

She said that professors at the university are very accepting, and care about their students.

To get help, click here.

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