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  • Kaley Lawrimore

Kindness Rocks Coastal

On Oct. 10, rocks were distributed around campus for students, faculty and staff to find. The purpose of the Kindness Rocks project is to brighten someone’s day, according to Jillian Tungett, the CCU bookstore manager.

“It’s just something to actually pick up and either smile or nod, but I think it’s more so for us, just to get the word out that you can do random things,” said Tungett. “You don’t need to know that person in order to try to make their day a little better.

This round of rocks that were passed out were created by a group of students who came into the bookstore for their VIP event Oct. 5. Once the rocks are found, they are supposed to be redistributed somewhere else on campus for someone new to find.

“We had a table set up and we had about 20 to 25 students that just randomly came in and painted whatever they want on the rocks,” said Tungett. “Then we agreed we would distribute them around campus.”

She said the initiative is similar to the “pay it forward” one some will experience in fast-food drive thru lines. It’s also something she picked up from her childhood.

“My mom also told me that if you smile at a stranger, it could be the only smile that they get every day,” said Tungett.

She said the idea has been passed around all the bookstores in the nation and some other universities are taking part in the project, too.

The feedback from the Coastal community has been positive, thus far.

“Everybody from the grounds and maintenance people here like the idea. The counseling center really likes the idea, so we’ve had a lot of positive feedback about it,” said Tungett. “Everybody was definitely for it here on campus.”

Tungett said the bookstore has all the materials to make the rocks for those interested to lending a hand to the Kindness Rocks project.

“We actually opened it up to all the big groups on campus, so if anybody wants, we already have all the material,” said Tungett. “We already have the tables, the pens, the markers, the rocks, the whole 9-yards.”

Tungett only asks that the rocks not be placed in the grass, but somewhere that other people can find it easily. They would also like the rocks to stay on campus for all the students, faculty and staff to enjoy, but there isn’t a restriction on where they can be redistributed.

To learn more about Kindness Rocks and to get in on the fun, click here.

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