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  • Morgen Cvetko

CCU prepares for dance marathon

On Saturday, Oct. 21, CCU will be hosting an 8-hour long dance marathon.

The dance marathon is an event which raises money for children in McLeod Children’s Hospital in Florence, South Carolina.

The money raised will go toward helping with treatments, buying the latest technology, pediatric research and to ensure all families are taken care of during their child’s stay.

The goal is to raise $55,00 this year in honor of the 55,000 children that receive treatment from McLeod.

Last year, CCU raised $22,122.99.

Madeline Filling, one of the people who have worked so hard to make this happen, is sure they will exceed their goals this year.

“I believe that if we all come together for the kids, then we will reach the goal,” said Filling.

As of Oct. 16, the event has raised over $19,000, with it going up every hour.

The children who are being treated at McLeod Children’s Hospital are there for a number of reason, ranging from prenatal care, pediatric intensive care, heart and vascular problems and many other unique health issues.

One story that comes from the Florence hospital is that of little Indiana.

Indiana was born with three heart problems, all of which were leading to congestive heart failure, before she was even a year old.

While the doctors did everything they could to avoid surgery for Indiana, at just around 5-months-old, she went in for heart surgery.

The doctors were able to fix all three problems and she recovered fully, but this is just one story out of thousands from Florence.

While it is too late to register for the event, there are still ways people can donate and dance.

Those interested in donating can purchase a guest pass, which is $5 per hour, until the last two hours—then they will go up to $10 per hour.

The event starts at the Williams-Brice building at CCU at 10 a.m. and continues until 6 p.m.

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