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  • Yaicha Ocampo

Dirty romance novels with an agenda

CCU celebrated National Coming Out Day by hosting a well-known author in the gay romance genre, K. Sterling.

Sterling has self-published over 30 novels and can be found on Amazon. One of her most successful novels, "Hide and Keep," is about a passionate relationship between Detective Lane West and Dr. Aiden Sharp.

Regardless of the genre of her writing, Sterling is happily married to her husband. She is an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and uses her novels to educate her audience to LGBTQ+ issues.

According to Sterling, “Gay erotica can change the world.”

Sterling introduces straight, middle class women to gay couples and characters. Often enough, her characters are the first experience her audience has with gay couples, gay sex and gay experiences.

Her novels are meant to emphasize the similarities between LGBTQ+ and straight couples. She even had students read sections from her novels in order to prove her point.

One of the dialogues was focused on a disagreement about cleaning the dishes – specifically, not putting one’s cereal bowl in the sink after it had used it.

The scene received knowing laughs, and a few taunting glances between pairs in the audience.

“When I have your attention, I want to slip in things you need to know,” said Sterling. She addresses topics such as feminism, white privilege, disability and homeless gay youth. It was also important for all of her characters to practice safe sex.

She hopes that her novels will give readers an idea about how to have conversations with those who aren’t heterosexual about safe sex, dating and the harms of social media.

“Every book I write is an opportunity for conversation,” said Sterling. “It’s a conver-ception.”

If you would like more information about Sterling and her books, visit our website.

The event was hosted by Women’s and Gender Studies and the Office of Multicultural Student Services.

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