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  • Alisha Petrizzo

Get on the O-Team

The deadline for the next round of applications to become an orientation leader is set for Oct. 24. Orientation leaders, also known as O-teamers, are responsible for introducing new students to the Coastal Carolina campus.

The process to become an O-Teamer starts with an application followed by an interest session that each applicant has to take. Once the sessions are complete, there are group interviews that could potentially lead to the final one-on-one interview.

Current O-Teamers discussed their experiences thus far in their position and what drove them to become a part of the team.

Taylor Moon, a senior at Coastal Carolina University, explained why she applied to be an O-Teamer in her junior year.

"I applied to be an O-Teamer because I wanted to share the positive experiences I've had at this University and I wanted to have a positive impact on students," said Moon.

Coming from the College of Charleston, Moon found a home in CCU because she felt like she belonged here.

"Coastal has had a lasting impact on my life," said Moon. "I wanted to show students it can have one on theirs too."

Noelle Noble, a junior at CCU, talked about how this position has changed her.

"Mostly I have grown as a person individually, going from being very shy and barely being able to speak in front of others, to now being an outgoing person that I couldn't picture myself being last year," said Noble.

Another student who has grown from this experience is Jacob Strohl, a senior at CCU.

Strohl said, " I looked into what it actually meant to be on the O-team and saw it as an amazing opportunity for me to grow as a person, meet tons of new friends and welcome new people to one of the places I love the most: Coastal."

These O-Teamers gave some advice for the students who are considering becoming an O-Teamer.

"To other students who are interested in applying: DO IT. Seriously," said Moon. "I was skeptical in the beginning of my process but I'm so glad I did. It takes a lot of time and emotional dedication, but it is so worth it."

Strohl agreed by stating, "You learn so much about your university and who you are as a person. It may seem tough or stressful at first but the end product is so worthwhile."

One last piece of advice came from Noelle Noble when she said: "If you are interested or even unsure just give it a shot, you have nothing to lose."

For more information on becoming an orientation leader, visit the orientation section located on Coastal Carolina's website.

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