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  • Alisha Petrizzo

CCU says farewell to Bowles

Coastal Carolina University will be losing Head of Greek Life, Brittany Bowles, this winter after being in this position for approximately three years. Bowles will be moving to California. When people walk into her office in the Lib Jackson Student Union, it is evident that she is on her way out with empty shelving and the packing process under way. Bowles first started at CCU with the intention of helping the Greek Life program build and now that it has a good foundation, she is looking forward to her new life across the country. She is leaving our campus for personal reasons that make more sense for her life in the long run. With her husband getting a job and most of her family already residing in California, she said it seems like a better fit. For sure there will be tears shed as the sororities and fraternities send off such a vital person for their organizations. As the Head of Greek Life, Bowles made many connections with the students and those relations are what she will miss the most. Bowels only has mixed emotions towards her pending departure. "I'm excited, but it is a bittersweet excitement," said Bowles. After reminiscing a bit about her time here, Bowles had to say that the dance marathon from this semester has been one of her favorite events that she is very proud of. There is no one selected yet to take Bowles place, but Bowles still had some advice for the next Head of Greek Life. "Please take the time to get to know the young men and women in the organizations you oversee. They are genuinely caring people," said Bowles. Despite the position remaining vacant for a while, Bowles is reassured that her full-time student staff is more than capable of answering any questions students may have. "Make good choices," Bowles said as her farewell for her students. A phrase most, if not all, of her students are well aware of already.

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