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  • Katelin Gandee

Kimbel Library celebrates 40th anniversary

On Nov. 15, 1977, Kimbel Library opened its doors for the first time and on Nov. 15, 2017, they celebrated their 40th birthday. It was when CCU became a four-year institution that the University decided they needed to construct a separate library rather than having it in a room in the Singleton building. Now, the library has evolved into what students know it as today. The library, despite being 40-years-old, holds all the modern technology, as well as being one of the most popular places for students. According to Melvin Davis, the University Librarian, innovations have drastically changed library landscapes everywhere, not just at CCU. In the past week there have been headcounts pushing 500 students in the library, which is something that wouldn’t have been seen 40 years ago. “Obviously one of the big changes was the addition of the Bryan Information Commons a few years ago," said Davis. "This expanded student use space and has been very well received." One of the big changes is the library transforming into a center of student activity. Davis said that 40 years ago, libraries were considered to be quite places, and Kimbel was no different. Libraries were known to be a place for quiet reading and studying, not working on group projects and talking to other students. While the second floor of the library is known for this, the first floor is known for where everyone works on homework together. “Seeing students engaged and interested in the library as this level is fantastic,” Davis said. While the library holds many events throughout the semester, they will only be holding one more this semester. It will be the De-Stress Fest during finals week to help students relax during the most stressful time of the year. As for the library itself, Davis wanted students to know that the workers are there to help. From finding a good place to study to helping with a research paper, they want to help students find what they’re looking for.  

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