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  • Ian Brooking

Player Profile: Going deep with Kilton Anderson

Being a transfer student can be difficult. Learning a new campus, new way of teaching methods, making new friends and trying to balance a social life with your new college and the friends you had made at your old college.

However, being a transfer student and also being an athlete? That is even more difficult. Not only do you have to adjust to your normal student life at your new college, you also have to learn a new system within your athletic program. New coaches and teammates, new playbooks and maybe even a whole new practice and training schedule.

That is exactly what junior transfer student and quarterback Kilton Anderson has experienced in his time here at Coastal.

Anderson, a native of Naples, Florida, transferred from Fresno State University to play football here at Coastal Carolina.

Anderson talked about what made him want to come to Coastal.

“I am originally from Florida so Coastal was a lot closer to home than when I was all the way across the country at Fresno State,” said Anderson. “My high school actually sent a lot of kids to Charleston Southern when Chadwell was the head coach there so both myself and my high school coach was pretty familiar with Coach Chadwell.” Not only can Anderson launch the ball deep, he is also very talented on the ground, making him a dual-threat type of quarterback that is very difficult to defend. “I felt that with my playing style just fit well with the program here,” said Anderson. After senior quarterback Tyler Keane went down with an injury, it was Anderson that got the call to be the next man up. “It has been tough for me, battling some injuries at the beginning of the season,” said Anderson. “But when it comes to being thrown into the mix, you just have to be ready. It was great to get our second win on what happened to be my second start of the season.” Anderson threw for 100 yards on 11 of 23 passing attempts in the 13-7 win over Idaho on Nov. 18. Anderson talked about what is really like being a student-athlete and the difficulties that come with it. “For me, most difficult thing about being a student-athlete is meeting deadlines,” said Anderson. “You have your school deadlines that you have to meet but there is a lot more that goes behind the scenes here at football. We are from six in the morning to noon going over film, training and practicing. It is really hard trying to get in those film sessions when you are also trying to get in those papers for a certain class or study for a test that is coming up soon.” Anderson is an interdisciplinary studies major with a prime focus on business management and psychology. Anderson plans to get into the entrepreneurship side of business management. “Coastal is definitely going to set up a good foundation for me,” said Anderson. “Coach Moglia is one of the most successful business people of our time and to have him rub off their business smarts on you, it will really take you a long way.

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