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  • Alisha Petrizzo

Resident Advisers applications still being taken

Have you been looking for a new job? Do you want to expand your work experience? Then a position as a Resident Adviser might just be what you are looking for, with the application deadline approaching on Dec.1. This job is perfect for those who are not only looking for a new job, but also for a room and meal plan for the 2018-2019 school year. The application process involves a quick login onto MyCoastalHome and future applicants are required to have two references in order to be considered. As long as the applicant's GPA meets the requirements, then the interviews will be held in January with the final announcement being in February. Once selected, the RA has to take a class where they will learn the basics in their first semester on duty. Kathy Daley, senior director of University Housing, discussed the responsibilities of being a resident adviser. "RAs build strong communities and engage their residents. They serve in an on-call rotation and respond to emergencies," said Daley. "They assist with conflict mediation and are an invaluable resource to residents and the university community." As of right now, there are approximately 112 resident adviser positions for the next school year, which increases the chance of securing a position. Not only is there a responsible aspect to being a RA, but there are also benefits to being one. "The RA role is the greatest single leadership role on campus," said Daley. "RAs develop skills in communication, professionalism, critical thinking and working with a team - all of which are highly sought after by employers." The one piece of advice Daley has for students is to be yourself throughout the whole process and have fun. This position will help potential applicants to become more involved with campus housing and with the students.

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