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Students recap their first semester at CCU

Students was asked to reflect on their journey so far at Coastal Carolina University. Many enjoyed their first semester, others said they learned a lot. AJ DeRosa, a transfer junior, said it was a big adjustment. “I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I knew what was going on, I was just so shook up when I got here,” DeRosa said. “I had to get a feel for it first because I came down here from New Jersey and I have never been to Myrtle Beach, and it was a lot different. I needed time to adjust.” Paris Miller, another transfer student, from Florence, South Carolina, said he was happy with how things turned out. “I think my first semester went pretty well,” said Miller. “I got to learn the University and how it works and everything, meet a few people and go to a few football games.” Brittany Jimenez, a transfer sophomore, felt her first semester was a little rocky at first, but now it’s smooth sailing. “[It] is going great now,” said Jimenez. “I got off at a rough start, but I got it together.” On the other hand, Shelby Mullins, a sophomore, had a pleasant time because she got involved within the Coastal community. “I enjoyed my semester here because I have an on-campus job that I have had since I was a freshman, so it helps me stay connected, having friends and a place to go and stuff while I’m on campus,” said Mullins. Lastly, Liana Robbins, a freshman, said she had some problems in class, but she’s doing a lot better. “Grade wise, I struggled with math a little bit, but I’m getting ahead of the class now,” said Robbins. “Roommate wise, my roommates are really awesome.” Students also explained how they plan to take what they learned from this semester and apply it to the next so they can get as much out of the University as possible. DeRosa said his spending needs some more work. “I need a meal plan for next semester because I’ve spent so much money on Subway and Chick-Fil-A,” said DeRosa. Jimenez learned the advantages of planners and calendars. “I’m going to start using my planner at the beginning of the semester and not at the end because that planner definitely helps,” said Jimenez. Miller said he will do some researching and Googling before registering from classes from now. “I will research my professors before I choose them,” said Miller. “I’ll ask my peers to see what they think about their professors and how they work.” Mullins said she is going to be on campus as much as possible to really get that entire college experience. “Next semester, I am not taking any online classes. I am coming to campus Monday through Friday, not taking days off,” said Mullins. “I’m going to come all the time so I can have that face-to-face communication with my professors.”

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