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  • Yaicha Ocampo

Triota still collecting donations for survivors

Triota, the women’s and gender studies (W&GS) honor society, is collecting donations for the Women’s Shelter and Rape Crisis Center Nov. 14 through Dec. 1.

Some of the items needed include bras of all sizes (sports bras are preferred), women’s underwear (all sizes), toilet paper, hand soap, bar soap and paper towels.

Krystina Miller is a member of Triota, and a junior Sociology major and W&GS minor. She has been volunteering for the Rape Crisis Center since August 2016. As a volunteer, she advocates for the victim and serves on the 24-hour crisis line among other responsibilities. “My job is to provide support, crisis intervention and advocacy services to victims of sexual assault in the hospital setting,” said Miller. “If a sexual assault survivor goes to a local emergency room, I will accompany them. If a person calls the 24-hour hotline, I answer and talk with them about whatever they may need in that moment, such as connecting them to resources or just listening.” The Rape Crisis Center of Horry and Georgetown Counties is a private, non-profit organization that provides services to survivors of rape and sexual assault while also educating the public on the realities of sexual victimization. Miller is grateful for the opportunity to volunteer. “Volunteering also helps me feel like I am helping heal the broken world we live in today.” New Directions is a local shelter that assists women, men and families out of poverty and homelessness through courses focused on socialization and life skills. The purpose of these courses is to build self-worth and self-confidence, which will also give people the confidence to regain their financial footing. Self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal. Miller spoke on the importance of donating to these two organizations. “When a survivor goes to the hospital after a sexual assault, their clothes are taken from them and collected as evidence,” she explained. “While the funding provided to the Rape Crisis Center does go towards a change of clothing, the funding does not cover bras and underwear. Having a bra and underwear may help the victim feel more comfortable, so it’s important that a bras and underwear are provided.” Donation boxes are located in Multicultural Student Services and outside of Kearns 211G. There will also be donation tables on the first floor of Brittain Hall Nov. 30 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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