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  • Morgen Cvetko

CCU Mail Services email server crashes

Everyone returning back from winter break also means the hustle and bustle returning to the CCU Mailroom Services. But, this semester, things have been a little more chaotic in the mailroom than normal.

The email system that notifies students of their package went down on January 2nd and while the IT team at Coastal Carolina University has been working on the issue, it has yet to be resolved. They are hoping to have it resolved soon, but there is no projected date as to when the issue will be fixed.

The mail services are not sure what exactly caused the issue, only that it occurred during a system update that took place over winter break.

According to Holly Minnis, one of the supervisors in the mail services, the mailroom is still operating on the same schedule.

Students who think they have a package should continue to wait till 2 p.m. to go and retrieve their package just like if the emails were still going out. They ask that students wait till that time so that the packages can be sorted and put away.

“The students have been patient and understanding," said Minnis. "The workers in CCU mail services were grateful for the cooperation.”

Students will still need to bring their CINO cards to retrieve their packages, but the email is not needed at this time.

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