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  • Hope Smith

First Look at Young & Hungry

Young and Hungry is a television show brought by Freeform (formally known as ABC Family). It features well-known actors such as Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski and is produced by Ashley Tisdale.

The first five seasons run currently on Netflix, and it is five seasons well spent. It follows the story of a girl named Gabby who specializes in cooking. Her cooking is so phenomenal that it lands her a job working for a wealthy man named Josh. Josh and Gabby throughout the entire series have an aspiring relationship that goes away and comes back one way or another.

It has grabbing plot lines, developing characters, normality of today’s culture, and a bucket of humor. Every episode is aimed to be relatable, but also contain jokes that can have a person laugh until they cry.

I review this show as being a show that every college student could learn something from. Gabby takes her passion for cooking and runs with it throughout the show while also having fun and finding love in the process.

This show is a stress reliever in the sense that I was laughing in practically every episode because of its relatability. I even made a list of my favorite episodes. It leaves the viewers hanging and wanting to see the next episode to try and get closure, but having to continue to eventually get answers.

Just seeing that Ashley Tisdale produced such a hit show and also playing a brief role within the series is incredible. She went from being a musical star to producing her own hit show. Congratulations to her!

Make sure to check this show out on Netflix and hopefully you’ll laugh as much as I did!

Favorite Episodes List:

Season 1: Episode 5

Season 1: Episode 6

Season 3: Episode 2

Season 5: Episode 1

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