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  • Morgen Cvetko

Phase II of Brooks Stadium expansion is underway

The second phase of the expansion of Brooks Stadium is finally underway.

Brooks Stadium started its expansion project in March of 2017, increasing the stadium capacity from 9,500 to 15,000.

The first phase was completed just days before the 2017 home opener for the Chanticleers on Sep. 2 and after only seven weeks since the final home game of the 2017 season, workers have already broken ground on Phase II.

Phase II focuses on the Highway 544 side of the stadium (West Side). The second phase is expected to be completed by January 2019 and will include a new premium suite for members of the Chanticleer Athletic Foundation, a new plaza on the east side and an additional 4,500 seats.

The Chanticleer Athletic Foundation will allow a special place for the donors to watch the game and entertain their friends.

Matt Hogue, the athletic director here at Coastal Carolina, talked about what the second phase will bring to the table for fans and donors.

"It will offer a first class FBS experience for the donors,” said Hogue. "And it also will allow for the foundation to expand and take new members."

The stadium will remain open during construction, however certain areas will be closed off during different times. Since the stadium is going to remain open, it is not predicted that it will affect the spring game or the 2018 season. The staff will simply have to monitor pedestrian traffic flow on that side a little differently. It will also not affect the lacrosse season.

Fans will be allowed on the west side during the construction with a just a few minor inconveniences.

At this time, there are no more planned expansions as this expansion will meet the FBS seating requirement and will allow for future growth.

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