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  • Yaicha Ocampo

Women in Philanthropy and Leadership Conference and Celebration of Inspiring Women

The annual Women in Philanthropy and Leadership (WIPL) Conference and Celebration of Inspiring Women will be held Feb. 5 and 6 at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

The conference began in 2011 and, according to official website, “seeks to educate, motivate and challenge women to lead change in their lives, their communities and the world.”

Hatton Gravely is the director of WIPL. Her responsibilities include collaborating and organizing the WIPL Conference.

“Hearing from the Bush sisters, Barbara and Jenna, about sisterhood and the bonds that we share as women will be a fantastic way to kick off the conference,” said Gravely. “Later, we have a breakout session on the leadership gap, and I think those statistics are especially important for students at Coastal to hear.”

Other keynote speakers include Cara Brookins and Joan Robinson-Berry. The breakout topics also cover sexual harassment in the workplace, future financial success and leading women executives.

Carlie Todd is a senior double major in History and Intelligence and National Security. She is a WIPL scholarship recipient and attended the conference her sophomore year at CCU.

“The relentless determination these women have against all odds to become successful and follow their dreams has ultimately inspired me to follow my own ambitions and dreams,” said Todd. “The bonds and connections that I’ve developed with other women at the conference is irreplaceable, and I hope to build upon these relationships throughout my life.”

The conference also provides a networking opportunity for students.

“Because of the conference, I had the opportunity to meet my current employer and gain in-depth knowledge and experience in my field of study," said Todd.

Both male and female students are welcome to attend. Students who wish to volunteer with set-up can attend the conference for free.

Gravely defines the conference as “positive, powerful and inspirational.”

Those who are interested can visit the link  or email Gravely at for more information on how to get involved.

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