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  • Hope Smith

What will be leaving Netflix in February?

February's Netflix removal - let’s talk about it.

Every month, Netflix decides to purge a mass of things that the people (consumers) may not even want removed – probably to save the executives a few dollars, but still continuing to charge the same amount for having an account. In recent past, the removal of How I Met Your Mother was a complete blindside with not even a fair warning. There was also an astounding uproar when One Tree Hill was removed from Netflix’ database.

People even took to social media levels of anger. One individual claims that, almost two months later, that she’s “still pissed” about the removal of the popular television show. While One Tree Hill featured many popular figures like former married couple Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush, it’s still a mystery to the people as to why Netflix decided to push for the removal.

Likewise, when there were rumors circulating about popular television series The Office being removed from Netflix, the people were outraged. Needless to say, for now, Netflix has left The Office in the office database.

Scheduled to be removed this coming February are long-time features such as 1999 American sitcom Family Guy which is opt to leave on February 14. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Griffin family fanatics!

On February 1, we will no longer see Corpse Bride nor The Nightmare Before Christmas streaming at our demand, along with The Benchwarmers and Project X.

The wonder is if Netflix will respond to the Netflix Santa status over Christmas with some of the favorites that have been demanded for a while now like The Proud Family, Kim Possible, or Zoey 101. Classics. Until then, we still continue to watch Netflix because Netflix is there for us even on Single Awareness Day.

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