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Student Union game room gets renovated

Recently, the Coastal Carolina University game room went under renovations.

The renovations were supposed to be completed over winter break, however, due to the winter storm, the renovations had to be postponed until Jan. 16 and were completed the following day.

Chris Adrian, a manager at the Jackson Student Union, talked about the struggle that comes with shutting down the game room.

“I never want to shut down/close off the game room when classes are in session," said Adrian. "The game room is a place for anyone to come and relax as well as play and enjoy the amenities we have in there."

The game room was closed for two days during the renovations so that the workers could get into the ceiling to run wires for 16 new speakers with XM radio. Before the additional speakers, there was only one speaker that did not provide optimal sound to the game room and its occupants.

Demarco Harmon, a Coastal student who frequents the game room, talked about the new renovations.

"I heard it from other people that the speaker system was new," said Harmon. "I go to the game room almost every day, mainly to study. I probably play video games in there just once a week. Truthfully, I actually didn't notice it until others started talking about it."

Harmon said that during the two days the game room he would go spend time in the Student Union Rotunda.

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