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  • Yaicha Ocampo

Tempo Magazine looking for new writers

Tempo magazine is a student organized literary publication that is distributed twice a year and is currently in search of writers for Spring semester of 2018.

Parag Desai is the Editor-In-Chief at Tempo. He is thrilled for this semester’s issue.

“My goal for the magazine is to give people the opportunity to say what they want without judgement and to be proud of their work,” said Desai. “I want to give power back to the artist.”

Topics such as sexual assault, feminism, the importance of graffiti art, motherhood on campus and cults will be addressed.

“The goal of the next issue is to bring personal narratives to the forefront," said Desai. "And to build a legacy and create a positive institution so future staff members and students can be proud of a magazine they can learn from.”

Tempo provides students an opportunity to build their portfolio of published work. For those who are unexperienced in writing, worry not – there are writer's workshops available for those who need help better articulating their ideas onto paper and learning the need-to-know basics of being a contributor.

Currently, Tempo is building on topics. If students are interested in writing for the magazine, or have a topic idea, email Parag Desai at

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