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  • Nicole Rabbitt

Be heart healthy this Valentine's Day

One of the most popular things to do for Valentine’s Day is to go out to dinner. Since our new years resolutions are still in full swing, many don’t want to take a cheat day for Valentine’s.

We have some healthy eating tips to make sure you don’t break your diet on Feb. 14.

1: Step Away from the Bread Basket: You’ve been caught bread handed!

Many restaurants offer free breadbaskets, but the calories can quickly add up when you start on your fourth roll. We recommend only eating one roll, then moving the basket out of sight so you’re not tempted to eat the rest.

2: Modify: Feel free to ask your server for a substitute on less healthy options such as substituting veggies for french fries. You can ask for dressings on the side too to help keep your calorie count low.

3: Remember Portion Sizes: Often, restaurants give you larger than normal portions, so try not to feel tempted to finish the whole meal. Save some for lunch tomorrow – two for the price of one!

4: Avoid the toppings: Try not to get all the bacon, sour cream, cheese and ranch on your baked potato. Instead, keep it plain. Same goes for burgers and salads.

5: Try other options: Consider a home cooked meal. Cooking the meal together not only gives you quality time together, but it also saves on some cash. #spousematerial

6: Chocolate again? Maybe try giving a gift other than chocolate. Instead, give them a fruit basket or a more personal gift.

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