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  • Chase Newsome

Fifty Shades Freed

Attention! Spoilers.

It’s safe to say that everyone’s Valentine’s Day this February was quite spicy. Why? Because of the newly released erotic romance film, Fifty Shades Freed, starring Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) and Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Grey).

The story starts right where it left off— Christian and Anastasia getting married. A happy and wishful compilation of their honeymoon sets the scene, making their future look filled with nothing but splendor and love. Just as the Greys start to step into their new life of luxury together, sinister problems arise from an outside source that wants nothing more than to watch Christian and Anastasia’s relationship burn.

Anastasia’s old boss, Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), begins stalking the couple, and they are forced to quit the honeymoon and return to Seattle after Christian receives news of a break-in at his corporate headquarters. After all settles down, he decides that his wife needs as much protection as possible and hires her own personal security team. He later surprises Anastasia with a new house that was briefly mentioned in the Darker movie.

Having to deal with unwanted business, Christian is forced to go out of town and highly recommends that Anastasia stay home while he is away. Disregarding his wishes, she goes out to get a drink with her best friend, Kate Kavanagh (Eloise Mumford). Upon returning home, Jack Hyde is waiting and attempts to kidnap her. However, before he can attack, Anastasia’s security team is there to subdue him, leading to his arrest. Christian and Anastasia get into an argument because she clearly disregarded what he had to say but, despite the events taken place, she demands more freedom. Christian later finds out that Anastasia is pregnant and becomes deeply disturbed. He goes out one night to drink away his issues. The next day, Anastasia finds out that he contacted his ex lover, Elena Lincoln (Kim Basinger).

Shortly after, Jack Hyde is released on a $500,000 bond and phones Anastasia, demanding ransom for Mia, Christian’s abducted sister. He wants $5,000,000 cash in two hours or Mia will be killed.

What happens next? Well, that is up for you to find out. Is there a happy ending? Does someone important fade away from the story? Who knows. Overall, this movie will set the tone for you and your date this holiday.

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