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  • Morgen Cvetko

Wall Fountain completed

Students may have noticed a new addition outside the front of the wall building this month with the new Wall fountain, which features a split fountain that lines the walkway leading to the front entrance of the Wall building. The finishing touch is the trademark Atheneum logo that is cemented into ground on the pathway that leads to Wall.

While the new fountain brings a certain aesthetic to the campus, students have mixed emotions about the fountain.

Anthony Curl, a sophomore at Coastal Carolina, gave his thoughts on the latest addition to the campus.

“It is nice just like all of the other things on campus," said Curl. "I think it’s a waste of money, though."

Nailãh Gallup, a student at Coastal Carolina, thinks while the new Wall Fountain looks nice, the money that was used for it could have been used for something else

“I think it’s cute," said Gallup. "But I feel like the money could’ve been used more efficiently for something the campus actually needs.”

And while some students don’t see the point in building this fountain, other students, such as Devin Atkinson, simply find it as a nice addition to campus.

“I think it’s a great addition,” said Atkinson.

Whether students love it or hate it, the fountain is here to stay.

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