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  • Hope Smith

Local theater takes on Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

Atlantic Stage is an active community theatre where many residing Coastal Carolina University faculty members get together to bring more cultural arts to the area. Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally running from Jan. 25 through Feb. 18 features current students and assistance from faculty members.

This show centers around the world of cellular devices, and their potential problems in society. In this showing, the director makes every cast member the “Cell Phone” - embodying a cellular device and what its emotions could be if a cell phone had human capabilities.

Starring Coastal Carolina’s own David McInnis as Donald and Kat Sweeney as the Teacher, the audience follows their relationship and witnesses how the Teacher breaks rhythm from her partner Donald by beginning to have relations with her student, Red (played by Coastal Alum, Stephen Craig). The progression of the Teacher and Red's sexual relationship causes the audience to question their morals on the concept of age, status and adultery.

Sweeney and McInnis both individually captured the space and projected well to the audience the feelings and emotions that their characters felt in each moment. The moments that were more difficult or awkward were delivered with delicacy and transparency. It made it easy for the audience to connect with the characters and see what their intentions were, whether agreeing with the choices made or not.

Coastal theatre professor, Benjamin Sota, who is also a movement coach for PEMDAS, helped with the production. His work showed as each cast member seemed truly in sync with their character – and with the cell phone at the given time they were being the phone. There were many dance scenes, and every actor moved constantly as they were acting as a phone. It was interesting to see their body language throughout this show and to see them carry it on throughout its entirety.

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