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  • Yaicha Ocampo

The Must-Have Apps for St. Patrick's Day

This Saint Patrick's Day, add one of these three free apps to your green attire to ensure that you and your friends can get home safe this holiday.

Frank M. Edison’s Craft Beer BAC Calculator

Unlike other Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) calculators, Edison’s has a search tool that allows one to search for the exact beer they’re drinking. Users can also add their sex, weight and how many hours they’ve been drinking to get a more accurate BAC reading.


This app was created by the Colorado Department of Transportation. It is a BAC calculator that measures user’s BAC based on their weight, sex, amount of alcohol consumed and the amount of time one has been drinking. The best feature on this app is its GPS – if the user has been estimated to be above the legal driving limit, the words “You’re buzzed” will appear on the screen. Users will then be redirected to other apps that will help them locate a cab to get them home safe.

Last Call

Partnering with, a lawyer-finder website, this app is unique in that it calculates user’s BAC level using specific information about the type of alcoholic beverages that were consumed. If one is above the legal limit, there is a button on the app users can press that will call a taxi for them. But, in case they still choose to get behind the wheel, there is a second button that will help them find a local lawyer when they get a DUI.

BAC apps are not completely accurate. One should always be cautious when consuming alcohol, especially if they are also responsible for driving themselves and/or their friends home.

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