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  • Hope Smith

Hypnotist visits Myrtle Beach

Gary Conrad, a comedian who also is an acclaimed hypnotist, has been seen on The View on ABC and did a free show at the Comedy Cabana in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

But, of course, there was the cabana catch of buying two items per person – including food and drinks. It was advertised on many boards around campus for free tickets and for people to come see his show.

As suggested from the emails and flyers, it started out interactive with him gathering audience members to participate in the show.

Marcus Cannon, a current student at CCU, was a participant in the show.

“I obviously knew it was fake and went along with it," said Cannon. "I do not want to lie and say I was hypnotized.”

While Cannon may not have been sent in a trance, it did seem as if other participants on stage were by them shaking and acting insane. It possibly could have had something to do with the available alcohol, could have been fake, or could have been actual hypnotism.

Cannon convinced the audience that he was hypnotized by acting like his shoes were talking to him, acting like he was in love with them, and even partaking in some dancing with a knight helmet.

When the audience reacted to Conrad's requests for Cannon, the audience would shout and yell words of encouragement. Conrad saw the excitement, an acted on it, which kept the crowd involved. Even if we were deceived to believe they were hypnotized, it was a fun ride..

VeShon Paul, student at CCU, applauded Conrad's ability to keep him interested.

"He was great," said Paul. "He kept my attention the entire time.”

Conrad kept the audience's attention the entire time by being engaging, making the audience laugh and providing a good time all around. He definitely gained more attention and followers from Myrtle Beach.

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