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  • OTia Prioleau

Are you ready to schedule classes?

The spring semester is coming to an end, and it is now time for returning students to schedule their classes for the Fall semester.

Kayla Johnson, an academic advisor from the wall college of business, talked about when class scheduling begins for each and every student on Coastal’s campus.

“Honors students, student athletes, and students with accommodations through office of accessibility with disability and our veterans have priority registration,” said Johnson. “They will be able to register on March 12 and 13.”

The rest that follows is for any student that has met with their adviser and had their advising hold lifted from their account.

“Graduate students and seniors are able to register March 14th and 15th,” said Johnson. “Our juniors will be able to register on March 28 and 29. Sophomores will be ale to register on April 2 and 3 and freshmen are April 4 and 5.”

All colleges have one on one advising when it comes to their students, but for the business college’s upper classmen, they also have group advising. During this period, a student's prerequisite classes are looked over, program evaluation and even a four-year plan is conducted.

Johnson had this advice for students.

“The 300 level classes tend to be the hardest to get into,” said Johnson. “So, you need to be on it and make sure you go to advising. If you wait to meet with your adviser, then you might not be as so lucky to get into the classes you wish to. You must be able to plan especially when it comes to those hard-prerequisite classes and take into consideration when classes are available. “

Ashley Benson, a student at Coastal Carolina majoring in business and minoring in communications, has been to both group advising and individual advising.

“Getting through those lower level classes is a journey,” said Benson. “Students should definitely go to group advising on time. Don’t forget about doing it and don’t procrastinate. It’s the worst thing you can do. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because the advisers are willing to help you.”

Johnson had this to say in regards to making the scheduling process a lot smoother.

“Get to know your adviser,” said Johnson. “We are a resource for our students and the earlier we can make that connection and just taking on the responsibility of planning their academic career the earlier they’ll start seeing that academic success.”

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