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  • Ian Livingston Brooking

Georgetown resident using his foundation to benefit others

A disabled resident of Georgetown County, South Carolina has recently used his charitable foundation to launch a GoFundMe page to raise money for other charities that serve Georgetown families.

Greg Barron, founder of the Gregory A. Barron Foundation, launched a GoFundMe in early February to support local charities in the Georgetown Community. Barron’s foundation will not receive any funds from the donations but rather 100 percent of all donations will be made to Support Georgetown Charities.

Barron talked about the concept of the GoFundMe and what went into the decision to make this possible.

“I started my go fund me page in order to address the lack of funding and lack of publicity that most charitable organizations in Georgetown city and county seem to face,” said Barron. “As one disabled citizen, I took it upon myself to see what organizations I could find out about just through word-of-mouth. It took about a month for me to come up with a list of nine that I have listed on the go fund me page at the moment. It is kind of like Adopt-a-Highway where, along with the Foundation’s board members, I work to discover, select, and publicize charities doing good work for families in the Georgetown city and County area.”

Barron, a 53-year old former Information Technology worker, has been on full disability since 2005. His battle with disability began in 1992 when he was diagnosed with type two diabetes. Barron is also legally blind, a double below-the-knee amputee and a kidney dialysis patient.

Barron says that he is not going to let his disabilities stop him in making a difference.

“I wanted other disable people to see if they can work beyond their limitations in order to help others and help their selves,” said Barron. “All people should strive to work beyond their limitations and make their Community a better place in whatever ways they can.”

The GoFundMe campaign will last for six months, and Barron hopes to reach the $10,000 goal that he set back in February as well as three other goals he hopes this campaign will achieve.

“The overall goal of the GoFundMe campaign is threefold,” said Barron. “First, to raise a certain amount of money for charities that we have selected. Second, to raise the level of publicity regarding the work that charitable organizations are doing to improve the quality of life for Georgetown city and county residents. Third, to inspire people, whether they are disabled or not, to overcome their limitations and do as much as they can to help improve their communities.”

Barron also talked about what would deem the fundraising campaign as a success in his eyes.

“The GoFundMe campaign will have been a great success if it demonstrates what a great place Georgetown is,” said Barron. “Georgetown is a place filled with people willing to overcome their personal obstacles in order to make the community a better place. I believe that the three goals of the campaign will show that if I work hard enough to generate publicity in the media and in social media.”

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe, you can do so here

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