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  • Hope Smith

How the show 'Friends' still relates to college students today

Friends is a well-known television series dating back to 1994 from NBC. It features a stellar cast that works extremely well together to bring chemistry and life to the stories in each episode.

The show features current stars like Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox and Matt LeBlanc, and other actors like David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry that haven’t had quite as many special appearances or roles elsewhere.

The show ended in 2004 with excellent ratings as it is a show that many people connect to and is a comedy in itself. Every episode features comedic storylines and even in the serious ones, there are still humor moments to make the audience laugh.

Since the show has ended, reruns air on almost any network which features sitcoms – Freeform, ABC, Nickelodeon, etc. The show follows the lives of 6 best friends who live in the heart of New York City and every day is something different for them all. They live in the same apartment complex at one point or another, and there is a constant exchange of romantic partners throughout the entire show.

It features many phrases that people use even today like “PIVOT!” “How you doin’?” or even “WE WERE ON A BREAK!” Friends is notoriously known for its catch phrases still being used to this day in 2018. It proves the hilarity of the whole concept because, if a show can still make an imprint over a decade later, it’s easy to say that the producers accomplished their goal.

I review this show as being a show that everybody can relate to in some way or another and can also connect to. Everybody can connect with at least one character from the show.

We have Rachel, played by Anniston, who is a spoiled but warm hearted woman constantly breaking up and getting back together with Ross. Joey, played by LeBlanc, who loves food – he is a struggling actor who’s kind but not so bright – and has a particular way he handles his “love life.” Monica, played by Cox, is the leader of the group. She’s the glue to the whole group and has a compulsive personality that she’s sometimes picked on about – and her brother is Ross, which she is constantly compared to by her parents. Ross, played by Schwimmer, is Monica’s brother and is the most intelligent of all six characters. He has a doctorate and is a paleontologist. Chandler, played by Perry, works in a company he despises and is known for his sarcastic sense of humor. He is still intelligent at the end of the day, but is the main jokester of the group. Lastly, we have Phoebe, played by Kudrow, and she is an odd ditzy character who grew up homeless but has a mainly positive attitude throughout the show’s entirety. She keeps the mood happy even in the more serious moments.

After evaluating each character, it’s simple to say that everyone has these people in their life. In some way or another we know these people, and interact with them on a daily basis.

To see these characters in their daily life is hilarious and is 22 minutes of pure laughter. If you’re looking for a show on Netflix that’s full of comedy, realism and good times that never seem to stop – make sure to check out Friends! It’s one you’re sure to love and get a kick out of. A comedic spin on best friends living life one day at a time is now available to watch on Netflix.

3 Episodes to Check Out:

Season 6: Episode 17

Season 8: Episode 8

Season 10: Episode 13

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